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Streamr Network – Decentralized Data Broadcasting

What is the Streamr Network?

The Streamr Network is a peer-to-peer network for publishing and subscribing to data in real-time. Applications use it for decentralized messaging, for example sharing data across applications or broadcasting real-time state changes to large audiences. The decentralized nature of the system makes the data transport scalable, robust, secure, tamper proof, and censorship resistant.

The Streamr Network consists of nodes that interconnect peer-to-peer using the Streamr protocol. Together, the nodes in the Network form a topic-based publish-subscribe messaging system. Topics in this messaging system are called streams. The job of the Network is to deliver published streams of messages to all subscribers of that stream.

The Streamr Network is a building block for decentralized applications – a message transport middleware, enabling any number of parties to distribute or exchange information without directly coupling or relying on a central server to broker data.

To find out more please visit streamr.network.

How to participate?

To join the Streamr Network you have two options:

  1. Become Operator which requires you to invest into multiple sites to run nodes with redundancy in order to avoid slashing.
  2. Join already existing Operator as a Delegator. Allows you to participate and stake your DATA tokens without spending any capital on servers or need to manage all the operations that are required by Operator.

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Our Commitment to all clients are as follow:

  • Security: Operator is tied to hardware wallet making it very secure
  • Redundancy: High level of redundant worldwide nodes to avoid slashing
  • Auto-compound: Weekly claim for maximize return. Subject to change to more frequent once larger amount on the pool
  • Transparency: Ask any questions, detailed xls with all details upon request, updates provided on weekly basis (goal)

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